Effective Learning Methods

To maximize learning retention, ensure that training leads to gaining, Jayapriya’s training programs involve the following: -

1. Workshops
2. Put to practice statements
3. Participants specific prescription
4. Online support
5. Self-monitoring diaries
6. Effectiveness review
7. All time helpline

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Energizing interactive talk sessions, filled with learning based fun activities given in an application-oriented manner

Put-to-Practice statements
Participants create goals for themselves, in the area of training to make themselves smarter in this. These statements serve as an excellent reminder to participants and adds to effectiveness enhancement

Participants specific prescription
At the end of a workshop, Jayapriya guides participants to improve in 2 specific areas. This is done after observing the participants well, understanding what the individual needs and facilitating fulfilling it

Online support
Participants with Jayapriya, form an online group. To this group, post training workshop, Jayapriya sends customized ideas on the topic trained. This helps participants stay in the learner’s mode and keeps them inspired. Participants also ask queries and gets personalized solutions from Jayapriya

Self-monitoring diaries
For a period of 21 days, everyday participants record their achievements and hurdles in area of training. This gives participants a clear perspective of how learning occurs and facilitates application of training ideas

Effectiveness review
After a period of 3 weeks, Jayapriya meets the Training group for a review. This is a wonderful re-enforcement session and participants share their experiences with the empowered learning received. Effectiveness skills, now gets internalized and positive changes are seen

All-time Helpline
The Organization and all people involved can reach Jayapriya directly through this, for support and help in any aspect of increasing effectiveness. This serves as a personalized solution giving system that provides right maps for success

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