Training Programs
for Positive Transformation

Jayapriya’s training programs are in areas of Leadership and Behavioural skills, that supports Organizational Development, managing talent to bring about high Organizational effectiveness.

Behavioural skills align with technical skills and helps a person work successfully. These are skills of Leadership, Communication, Team-Building, Emotional Intelligence, Self-Motivation, Stress Management, High Productivity and all other personality attributes which make a person work well and live happy. Thus, these essential skills helps an individual to “Win Always” in all aspects of work and life.

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Jayapriya's popular transformational workshops are: -

"Charismatic Leadership – Increasing Effectiveness and Likeability" – Leadership through Influence

"How to Work and Win as a Team" – Building a wonderful, productive strength-based team

"Bright and Right attitudes for Joy and Success" – Motivating people to bring enthusiasm and cheer to work

"Express to Impress" – Communication for productive action and positive people-reaction

"Well-Being for Working Well” – Handling emotions, relationships, stress and self in the best way

"Working with Fun, Friendship and Fruitfulness" – Making work joyful, interesting and rewarding

"Giving the Best: Working for Results, Working with Full Success” – Complete skills on Personal Effectiveness

Industry Specific programs Created with attention, especially to fulfill needs of particular Industries

A. For IT and ITES Companies
1. Effective Communication and Presentation skills
2. Working well together, Team skills
3. Leadership in IT and ITES Companies
4. Making Customers happy, account handling
5. Bright right attitudes
6. Positive Workplace Behaviour
7. Developing freshers as complete Corporate Professionals

B. Manufacturing Companies
1. Enjoying work and performing well with enthusiasm
2. Managerial and Supervisory skills
3. How to work as a Performing team
4. Expressing well - Communication skills

C. Hospitality Establishments
1. Powerful attitudes
2. Giving good service, retaining happy energy
3. Confident and courteous Communication
4. Managing people well
5. Achieving goals with People-Leadership skills

D. Services Organisations
1. Enjoying work, the task and the team
2. Communication with Smartness, substance and style
3. Handling customers well, keeping them happy and creating prosperity
4. Self-motivation for achieving goals and reaching success

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