Jayapriya. Training and Development.

To increase effectiveness and work with energy, an individual needs to be inspired. Jayapriya delivers training with enormous amounts of inspiration. This motivates people and brings changes in productivity

Jayapriya, is a very accomplished speaker with over 75 1st prizes in literary contests. Presently pursuing a doctorate in Management, Jayapriya is a Masters in Commerce and Bachelors in Corporate Secretaryship. She has won several awards and citations for excellence in curricular and co-curricular activities, including a “Best Student” award. Featured on Television many times, Jayapriya is well-known as an excellent result-giving Inspirational Trainer

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Jayapriya as the Trainer, Friend and Well-Wisher

Jayapriya shares an excellent rapport with her participants and builds an atmosphere of trust that makes learning easy. Her Communication carries conviction and thus makes a genuine connection with the participants.

The highlights of Jayapriya's training programs are
1. Interesting Content
2. High Interaction
3. Energizing delivery
4. Lots of Humour and fun
5. Total application orientation

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